The TV serie "Sjøsprøyt" shows students at the sailing class of the National Academy of "69 Degrees North" in Malangen, North Norway.

Season 1 has already been shown on NRK1. The series follows a class of young people with very different backgrounds from different countries. In the course of a year, they change from inexperienced individuals into a cohesive crew at the end of the school year set off on a long voyage alone in the Arctic waters, from Malangen to Lofoten. To prepare, they practiced different activities in the spectacular and challenging North Norwegian nature.

Medvind Media is also working with TV21 on a Russian version that aired in early 2011

Jarle Andhøy known from the Berserk series on the BBC, was brought in as an external coach to test students' strengths and skills through activities such as dog sledding, summit skiing, canoeing, fishing and practical sailing. Jarle meet new students in season 2 that is being recorded now. Sailor pupils are taught by a teacher and principal Rune Braadland Paul Færøvig.

Direction: Anders Sæther

Production: Medvind Media AS Co-produsent: Jabfilm v/ John Arvid Berger

Production year: 2009

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